Foundations of Probability Seminar 2016-2017

Organizers: Prof. Harry Crane, Eddy Chen, Dimitris Tsementzis
Time: Monday, 4:30-6:30pm, Philosophy Department, Seminar Room 524B

Joint Statistics-Philosophy Department seminar.
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Contact Harry Crane for further information.

Fall 2016

Sept 12 Glenn Shafer (Rutgers, Business) Slides Calibrate p-values by taking the square root
Sept 19 Isaac Wilhelm (Rutgers, Philosophy) Slides A statistical analysis of luck
Sept 26 Barry Loewer (Rutgers, Philosophy) Slides What Probabiliites there are and What Probabilities are
Oct 3 Michael Strevens (NYU) Dynamic Probability and Initial Conditions
Oct 10 Prakash Gorroochurn (Columbia) Fisher's Fiducial Probability - A Historical Perspective
Oct 17 Teddy Seidenfeld (Carnegie Mellon) Slides A modest proposal to use Rates of Incoherence as a guide for personal uncertainties about logic and mathematics
Oct 24 Alan Hájek (Australian National) Slides Staying Regular?
Oct 31 Vladimir Vapnik (Columbia, Facebook AI) Slides Brute force and intelligent models of learning
Nov 7 Adam Elga (Princeton) Fragmented decision theory
Nov 14 Jamie Pietruska (Rutgers, History) "Old Probabilities" and "Cotton Guesses": Weather Forecasts, Agricultural Statistics, and Uncertainty in the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century United States
Nov 21 Glenn Shafer (Rutgers, Business) Slides Defensive forecasting
Nov 28 Elie Ayache (Ito 33) Slides The derivatives market as a technology for writing the future, not for predicting it
Dec 5 Ben Levinstein (Rutgers, Philosophy) Higher-order evidence, Accuracy, and Information Loss
Dec 12 Vladimir Vovk (Univ. of London) Treatment of uncertainty in the foundations of probability

Spring 2017

Jan 23 Shelly Goldstein (Rutgers, Math)
Jan 30 Alex Stein (Brooklyn Law School)
Feb 6 Branden Fitelson (Northeastern)
Feb 13 Gretchen Chapman (Rutgers, Psychology)
Feb 20
Feb 27 Hans Halvorson (Princeton)
Mar 6 Tamar Lando (Columbia)
Mar 20 Sandy Zabell (Northwestern)
Mar 27 Brad Weslake (NYU-Shanghai)
Apr 3 Peter Achinstein (Johns Hopkins)
Apr 10 Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)
Apr 17 Aidan Lyon (Univ. of Maryland)
Apr 24 Nicholas Teh (Notre Dame)
May 1 Harry Crane (Rutgers, Statistics)