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John E. Kolassa,


  • Office hours are 5:30-6:30 Thursday, and 2-3 Wednesday.
  • Midterm exam solutions here.

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  • Lecture 1 (small format)
  • Lecture 2 (small format) (SAS input) (SAS output) (graphs) (R code) , plus the larynx data and the weening data.
  • Lecture 3 (small format) (SAS input) (SAS macro) (SAS output) (graphs) (R code) (R function to do actuarial estimate) (R code to simulate simultaneous coverage)
  • Lecture 4 (small format) (SAS input) (SAS macro) (SAS output) (R code) (R function to do Renyi and Cramer-von Mises testing) (graphs)
  • Lecture 5 (small format) (examples) (SAS output) Schoenfeld paper (Critical values for the Renyi statistic)
  • Lecture 6 (small format) (examples) (SAS output) (R code)
  • Lecture 7 (small format) (examples) (SAS output) (R code) (graphs)
  • Lecture 8 (small format) (examples) (graphs) (R code for some of the examples)
  • Lecture 9 (small format) (examples) (SAS macros) (R code) (R macros) (graphic output)
  • Lecture 10 (small format) (examples) (SAS output) (graphic output)
  • Lecture 11 (small format) (examples) (SAS output) (graphs) (macros) (R code) (R macros)
  • Lecture 12 (small format) (examples) (SAS output)
  • Lecture 13 (examples) (graphs)
  • Review (examples) (SAS output) (graphs)



    Level V statistics is presumed. This prerequisite may be met by 563 or 586 or 593.

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