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Grant Awards

Recent Awards And Honors

Sai-Li -  Distinguished Written Paper Award,  2017 Western North American Region of The International Biometric Society (WNAR).
Congratulations to our PhD student on this award!

Dr. Harry Crane - NSF Career Award "Probabilistic Foundations, Statistical Inference. and Invariance Principles for Evolving Combinatorial Structures"

Dr. Harry Crane - NSF & NSA award for Project "Evolving Combinatorial Structures"

Dr. Lee Dicker - NSF Career Award "Maximum likelihood and nonparametric empirical Bayes methods in high dimensions"

Dr. Lee Dicker - NSF award for Project "Dense and Sparse Methods in High-Dimensional Data Analysis"

Dr. Ying Hung - Recipient of the2014 Tweedie Award

Dr. Ying Hung - NSF Career Award for Project "CAREER: An Efficient Framework for Design and Modeling of Complex Computer Experiments"


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