30 Years of Bootstrap & Recent Advances in Statistics


8:30am-9:00am: Registration/Breakfast

9:00am-9:15am: Opening Remarks
        Regina Liu, Chair, Department of Statistics & Biostatistics, 
        Rutgers University
        Kathryn Uhrich, Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences,
        Rutgers University
        CV Damaraju, President, ASA NJ Chapter
        Chair: CV Damaraju, J&J PRD, NJ
        Speaker: Jim Berger, Duke University
"Working with Inexact Models: The World of Computer Modeling"
        Discussant: William Strawderman, Rutgers University

(10:15am-10:35am: Break)

        Chair: Arthur Cohen, Rutgers University
        Speaker: Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University
        "30 Years of Bootstrap and Multiple Imputation: Joint 
        Replications versus Conditional Replications"

        Discussant: Zhiqiang Tan, Rutgers University

(11:35am-11:45am: Break)

        Chair: John Kolassa, Rutgers University
        Speaker: Ed George, University of Pennsylvania
        "Discovering Regression Structure with a Bayesian Ensemble"
        Discussant: Ying Hung, Rutgers University
(12:45pm-2:40pm: ASA NJ Chapter Anniversary Cake Cutting & Lunch Break) 

        Chair: Cun-Hui Zhang, Rutgers University
        Speaker: Mark Van der Laan, University of California, Berkeley
        "Multiple Testing, Super Learning and Targeted     
        Maximum Likelihood: Causal Biomarker Discovery"

        Discussant: John Storey, Princeton University
(3:40pm-3:50pm: Break) 

3:50pm-4:50pm: Keynote 
         Chair: William Strawderman, Rutgers University
         Speaker: Bradley Efron, Stanford University
         "Bootstrap Methods and the Accuracy of Large-Scale Estimates"
         Discussant: Kesar Singh, Rutgers University




4:50pm-5:45pm: Wine and Cheese Reception

Organizing committee:
Rutgers University: 
Regina Liu (co-chair), Javier Cabrera, Ying Hung, 
        John Kolassa, Kesar Singh, William Strawderman, 
        Minge Xie, Cun-Hui Zhang

ASA NJ Chapter:
CV Damaraju (J&J PRD, NJ) (co-chair), Al Barron (J&J PRD,
        NJ), Zhaoling Meng (Sanofi-Aventis), Xiaolong Luo (Celgene, NY),
        Wolde Woubneh (Kean University, NJ)

Symposium Coordinator:

       Marcy Collins:  Collins@stat.rutgers.edu 

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