2020 Spring Seminar

Data Integration:Data-Driven Discovery from Diverse Data Sources
Wednesday--March 4, 2020--Prof. Genevera Allen--Rice University
KNG: A New Mechanism for Data Privacy
Wednesday--March 11, 2020--Prof, Matthew Reimherr--Pennsylvania State University
RSVP-graphs: Fast High-dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation Under Latex Confounding
Wednesday--April 15, 2020--Prof. Rajen Shah--University of Cambridge
Statistical inference for Spatio-Temporal Self-Exciting Point Processes
Wednesday--May 6, 2020--Prof. Yao Xie--Georgia Institute of Technology
Kernal Tests of Goodness-of-Fit using Stein's Method
Wednesday--May 20, 2020--Prof. Arthur Gretton--University College London
Inference for Heterogeneous Treatment Effects using Low-Rank Estimations
Wednesday--June 10, 2020--Prof. Yuan Liao--Rutgers University

Latest News

Professor Regina Liu elected President of IMS

Professor Pierre Bellec awarded the NSF CAREER Award

Professor Zhiqiang Tan and Professor Minge Xie elected IMS Fellows

Professor Michael Stein to serve as Editor-Elect of JASA, Applications & Case Studies

Professor Shyam Moondra recipient of 2019-2020 Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education Award

Congratulations to all our faculty and adjunct faculty awardees!