• Arun Ravichandran
  • Arun Ravichandran
  • Office: Hill Center 270
  • Personal website
  • Education: 5th year PhD, Rutgers University
  • Research Interests: Causal Inference, Experimental studies, Observational studies, Optimal designs, Optimization, Response surface optimization
  • Advisor(s): Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta, Dr. Michael Stein, Dr. Nicole Pashley
  • Presentations: ICSDS 2023, ACIC 2022, Advances in Bayesian and Frequentist Statistics 2022, 2023
  • Papers and Preprints: Ravichandran, A., Pashley, N. E., Libgober, B., & Dasgupta, T. (2023). Optimal allocation of sample size for randomization- based inference from 2K factorial designs. Accepted for publication in Journal of Causal Inference (JCI). https://arxiv.org/abs/2306.12394

Bringing a mix of academic innovation and professional experience. Areas of expertise span statistical modeling, inference, machine learning methods, and optimization with specific applications in Economics, Biomedical/Chemical engineering to Marketing, Finance, Healthcare, e-Commerce and Banking.

Research work includes working on problems using
- Potential Outcomes framework in the field of Causal inference and
- Multivariable response optimization for applications in sciences

Industry Experience involves 10 years experience in Analytics & Consulting. Worked across domains from Retail to Banking to FMCG to Automobile Industry, helping organizations find solutions to their business questions and decision-making. Client exposure and work environments experience across the globe.