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8:30am-9:00am: Registration/Breakfast

9:00am-9:10am: Opening Remarks

Regina Liu, Chair, Department of Statistics & Biostatistics, Rutgers University

Ronald Ransome, Dean of Math & Physical Sciences, SAS, Rutgers University


Chair: Minge Xie, Rutgers University

Speaker: David Madigan, Columbia University

"Are Observational Studies Any Good?"

Discussant: Donald Hoover, Rutgers University

Slides: TalkDiscussion

(10:10am-10:30am: Break)


Chair: Steve Buyske, Rutgers University

Speaker: Giovanni Parmigiani, Harvard University

"Reproducibility and Cross-Study Replicability of Prognostic Signatures from High Throughput Genomic Data"

Discussant: Lee Dicker, Rutgers University

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Chair: Arthur Cohen, Rutgers University

Speaker: Peter McCullagh, University of Chicago

"Survival Models and Health Sequences" 

Discussant: John Kolassa, Rutgers University

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(12:30pm-2:00pm: Poster Session & Lunch Break) 


Chair: William Strawderman, Rutgers University

Speaker: Jianqing Fan, Princeton University

"Robust Sparse Quadratic Discrimination" 

Discussant: Han Xiao, Rutgers University

Slides: TalkDiscussion


Chair: Harold Sackrowitz, Rutgers University

Speaker: Bin Yu, University of California, Berkeley

"Modeling Visual Cortex V4 in Naturalistic Conditions with Invariant Sparse Image Representations" 

Discussant: Ping Li, Rutgers University

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(4:00pm-4:20pm: Break) 

4:20pm-5:20pm: Keynote

Chair: Regina Liu, Rutgers University

Speaker: David Donoho, Stanford University

"'Big Data' Asymptotics via Approximate Message Passing" 

Discussant: Cun-Hui Zhang, Rutgers University

Slides: TalkDiscussion


Award - Student Poster Competition

5:25pm-6:25pm: Wine and Cheese Reception