This one day conference is sponsored by NSF and Rutgers University. It focuses on the important area of underground seismic event monitoring and verification. Its objective is to promote close collaboration between statisticians and other scientists in the field to investigate the potential new approaches by combining state-of-art statistical methods with advanced sensor technology.

The conference will bring statisticians and the other experts in the field together to discuss the current status of field, to exchange ideas, and to brainstorm novel approaches. The experts in related federal agencies will share their vision and experience and also any urgent specific problems. The conference will also serve a venue to generate new interests among statisticians to this field, to enlist statisticians to bring in their new statistical ideas and approaches to deal with this important problem, and to attract and educate next generation statisticians and scientists to work in this area.

Organizers: Rong Chen and Min-ge Xie

Location: Arlington, Virginia 22203, USA